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Feb 2, 2011 12:05am EST
charlie sheen's coffee table now. and of course -- [ laughter ] folks who are hit hardest in a storm like this is the weather men. >> it will melt to rain. the cold air will keep us below the surface and that spells that nasty four-letter word, ice. >> jimmy: with two cs. meteorologists are predicting a three-day white out. no one told mother nation it's black history month. these are some of the cities that are affected. >> they removed 30en tos of ice. >> it's a thick coating of ice. >> hundreds of power outages. >> the temperatures now with the windchill, 8 degrees. >> with windchills here in denver, 30 degrees below zero. >> i can't more than 30 yards. >> have you stepped outside tonight? it's so chilly? >> i did. it's so cold. we are at 48 degrees now. >> we are suffering through it. >> jimmy: 48 degrees last night. the high today was 64 degrees. that was fahrenheit too. i feel bad for the kids in l.a. they don't close school. if kids in l.a. want to build a snowmen there is no snow. and the kids out here, outside the studio, they building a snowman of breast implants. can you h
FOX News
Feb 2, 2011 3:00am EST
to see you, pinch. >> today david brooks' op-ed is about charlie sheen. dig knee tee is a trans sexual porn star. >> it is trans sexual. you do not know the industry as i do. i used to date the village boys. it is not, not correct. it is a double negative. >> never mind the unplowed streets or bed bugs in sheets. mayor bloomburg targeted arizona with shameful deceit. and a sting run by new york city investigators found dealers had a phoenix, arizona gun -- gun show and sold guns to buyers who told them they couldn't pass a background check. roll video people who roll video. >> do you run a background check? >> no. that's good because they probably couldn't pass it. run a background check? that's good because i probably couldn't pass. it. >> while it is legal for gun show vendors to sell without a background check, it is illegal to sell to fox who admit they -- folks who admit they wouldn't pass. gun show organizers issued this statement -- "mayor bloomburg and his task force don't have authority in the state of arizona or any other place in america, except new york city. these f
Feb 2, 2011 5:00am EST
getting tired of the charlie sheen stuff. >> you threw a lindsay in. >> i dug through as many news reports i could find. >> i'm still focusing on the dancer in the background of the punxsutawney phil. >> i know, poor phil. he's like i'm good, guys. i'll stay here. >> that's the worst short straw getting that assignment. >> stay tuned. willie geist is coming up next. >>> hosni mubarak speaks. the egyptian people are still waiting for what they wanted to hear after the defiant president says he will stay and die on the soil of egypt. the question is how much longer can mubarak keep this up? a live report from the ground. >>> president obama makes a speech of his own stating publicly what he told mubarak privately. dude, you gotta go. like now. how is the united states preparing for whatever follows the mubarak era? and it's the beast of a storm that has
FOX News
Feb 1, 2011 7:00pm EST
america's interests. and you you know charlie sheen has been having his share of trouble lately. well, now we are hearing his relatives are pretty worried and supposedly they have a plan to could make sheeb -- sheen the next brittany spears. we'll explain what that means coming up. in some of nature's best ingredients. that's how we created purina one with smartblend. nutritionally optimized with real salmon, wholesome grains, and essential anoxidants for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your cat. purina one with smartblend. discover what one can do. excuse me, what is that? oh, i'm a fidelity customer. okay, but what does it do? well, it gets me the tools and research i need to help me make informed decisions. with fidelity i can invest in stocks, bonds, ll at a great price. wow. yeah, wow. ♪ [ male announcer ] fidelity investments. seems like from every wireless carrier. you may have heard them already. the doubt-casting. the empty comparisons. while they shout them at the top of their lungs... to try to blur the lines. in the e
Feb 2, 2011 12:35am EST
. nene! [ laughter ] pro, lots of celebrities throw crazy pre-super bowl parties. con, charlie sheen started three months ago. [ laughter ] he loves the super bowl. >> steve: yeah, he loves the super bowl. >> jimmy: he has a major -- >> steve: he loves it! >> jimmy: "what time is it?" "it starts now, man. let's go." [ laughter ] pro, there's enough cocktail wieners for everybody. con, if you run out, brett favre can sext you one more. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] technology is amazing. >> steve: amazing. >> jimmy: pro, uncle gary brought his thundersticks to cheer on the packers. con, aunt mary brought her thunder thighs to take up half the couch. [ laughter ] guess i won't be sitting down during the game. pro, watching the black eyed peas perform during the super bowl halftime show. con, watching grandma try to dance to "my humps." [ laughter ] "don't dance, grandma." pro, traditional super bowl party foods are very rich and high in fat. con, just like john madden. [ laughter ] is he not rich? is he not rich? >> steve: he's rich. he's very wealthy. i would think from "madden football" alon
Feb 2, 2011 5:00pm EST
2007 drunk driving case. >>> charlie sheen is the star of cbs's top rated comedy two and a half men. the network only has two episodes in the can. cbs ordered new episodes of other sitcoms to cover the gap but no other comedy has the drawing power of two and a half men. >>> musician elton john is dishing out advice to billy joel. it is time for some tough love. they canceled shows because of joel's illness and alcoholism. in an interview with rolling stone magazine, elton john says billy joel needs to get serious about rehab and, quote, "do something better with his life." joel said in a statement today that, quote," elton is just being elton." >> someone giving this advice and this advice and this happens in the tabloids. >> you could just call him up. >> pick up the phone. >> why do we need a statement? just call him up. if that's your boy, right. that's your friend. call him up. >> call him up. >>> we are looking at colder tonight. >> we needed a break. >> 52. pretty good. >> up to the north a little different story. this is up in new york city in the burbs. i mean, they had abou
FOX News
Feb 2, 2011 9:00am EST
have danny baldwin who will be talking about charlie sheen and what's going on. >> brian: he wrestled with his own addictions. >> steve: and larry the cable guy. plus brook shields in the after the show show. log on now. bill: all right, here we go, with the battle over health care goes to the floor of the senate today, a vote to repeal the law expected today, republican senator mitch mcconnell leading that charge, as all 47 republicans are on board. will he get any democrats? we'll talk to the minority leader in a few moments about the vote today and where this battle ultimately goes next. >>> first, though, a massive blizzard, socking half the country. paralyzing the nation's heartland with ice and snow. you have 2 feet in oklahoma, 20 inches in chicago, 20 inches in st. louis, and it's not over yet. in fact far from it. good morning, everybody. i'm ibm hemmer -- hemmer. it's a good day to stay indoors. how you doing martha? martha: good to see you, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. life for a lot of people is at a standstill now. you have 7000 flights that hav
FOX News
Feb 2, 2011 6:00am EST
progress. that's good news. charlie sheen's parents are so worried about the troubled star, they may ask a judge to put them legally in charge of him. charlie's mom and famous dad martin sheen looking into guardianship of their son like when britney spears father took control of her life. sheen refusing to go to rehab following his reported drug binge that put him in the hospital last week. >> evidently they had a big confrontation in the hospital. >> that's right. >> with his manager saying what are you doing? how can you be allowing that to happen? at 45, can you take control of somebody? >> if they're a danger to themselves, can't take care of themselves, absolutely. let's talk a little bit about what is going on throughout the middle east and we start with the fox news alert. the president of yemen has been in that job for 32 years. in january, they had gigantic protests in yemen as they are having -- as they had in tunisia and now in egypt as well. yesterday, the president of yemen said to the parliament, you know what? i think i'm going to be retiring so in advance of that, he also
Feb 1, 2011 5:30pm PST
. >> he's an addict. an alcoholic. they don't have any judgment. >> is charlie receiving at-home rehab? >> did denise just take their children away? >> we are in front of today's sheen fact and fiction. >>> jennifer aniston after the false adoption rumors. >> where are you at in your life right now? >> new brad pitt, katie perry's sitcom debut. >>> and too mean for t
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)